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make meaningful changes to live better as a special needs mom

REGISTRATION ENDS April 10, 10:00pm (est)

If you want to hear women speak into the challenges of your life,

be encouraged in your faith, 

and get practical tips to live well as a mom,

the Members Club will show you the way!




Get answers to your questions and be with other women who get the challenges of parenting kids with extra needs…all in a safe, supportive place that promotes growth and learning. Our online forums are where you can watch trainings, talk with other members, write blogs and more.



Get access to each monthly focus course addressing issues like refreshing ourselves as moms, increasing our child’s quality of life, living with chronic illness, building your community, facing negative emotions and so much more. You’ll get access to all workshops, speakers and discussions.







And there’s still more!

+ Momma Spotlight Series where you get to listen in to the secret lives of moms! 

+Action Challenges for 5 days at the end of each month to make a difference in your life

+ Direct Access to Kara, speakers, authors and most of all…amazing moms

+BONUS: Our Course and Resource library is constantly expanding. You get access to everything.

Get ALL this 60% off when you join now at our founding price.

$19.95/month for a limited time (regularly $49.95/month)

For years Kara Dedert has been writing and leading parents as she struggled to live well while caring for her son with severe disabilities. She is in the forums daily helping with challenges, celebrating with moms and pouring in new content . No one can solve all the difficulties of life as a special needs mom, but coming together with resources, encouragement and a listing ear is life changing.

What moms are saying…

I cannot recommend joining the Members Club enough! I look forward to logging into the community everyday. I am reconnecting with myself, my visions, my grief, my faith and with other dedicated, strong and devoted mamas! If you are teetering on the edge of whether or not this community is for you – yes, it is! I believe it was in God’s plan for me to find this community where my soul finds comfort and peace.

Kara is SO dedicated and involved in this community. She will be there to welcome you, comfort you and guide you each and every step of the way. She is so actively involved and has gone to deep lengths to provide special needs moms with the resources, tools and relationships we are all seeking.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say again, this community is everything I didn’t even know I was looking for! Please come join!

Jenn (member)

Where has this group been?! Kara’s incredible “realness” and encouragement as she walks the same journey as me is so, so helpful. The moms in this group are so encouraging and the content has been so helpful for my perspective.

Ashley (member)

Huge THANKS to Kara for such a clear break down of our reality in the Members Club. It’s truly so wonderful and is allowing me to step back and really start living intentionally. It’s a breakthrough for me and in effect, my whole family! I’ve been exhausted and alone for too long.

Laura (member)

I feel like I’m finally on a real road to healing from the trauma and grief of my son’s condition thanks to the Live Better Members Club. The fellowship and wise insights are helpig me gain a better perspective about my situation. I feel like I’m getting therapy on my own time and in my own home.

Rebekah (member)

This is what the Members Club is for me: Community, Understanding, Insight, Motivation, Equipping. I love it!

Heather (member)

I appreciate having a space I can come to where the “real” is shared but where you’re also sure to find “real” encouragement. Let’s face it-this life is often lonely and we need each other!

Shelly R. (member)

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