About Us

None of us can fit our lives into a few paragraphs, especially when special needs is added to the mix. But here’s the short of it:

I’m Kara, settled in Michigan with five kids, a really good man, and a life more painful and beautiful than I could have imagined. When our son was born with massive needs, we up and left our home in Asia and moved back to a life filled with MRIs, therapy appointments, feeding tubes and so many other things I never wanted to be a part of our lives. 

Calvin (now 7 years old!) was born with brain malformations and fights valiantly every single day with chronic lung disease, CP, and a host of other challenges. My goal in life is to be half as brave as him

Live Better 

Darryl and I didn’t see disability coming our way, not in a million years. It hit us hard, knocked us off our feet and nearly ran off with our hearts. We’ve seen the ugly side of burn-out, loneliness and anger and wanted to work out how to not just live, but live better, with the challenges in our lives. 

For the first few years we just survived from one crisis to the next and I felt like we were barely surviving as individuals, a couple and as a family. We knew everything would unravel if we didn’t seriously figure out how to live well with the demands in our lives. 

The crises haven’t stopped, but we have worked through how to live well, by God’s grace. Living intentionally each day has helped us form practical strategy to keep loving eachother, grow happy kids and stay sane in the process. It’s better for us and it’s better for our kids! 

I lead a free facebook group for other moms where we share the real challenges of our lives and give practical encouragement for the everyday reality of living with special needs.

You won’t catch us pretending disability is something we wanted for our son. But you will find us determined to capture the beauty and value surrounding us each and every day.

Enough about us; we all have a story.

What's yours?

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