It was five o’clock at night. Dinner was still not started, kids were (supposed to be) doing homework, clamoring to be next on the piano and Calvin was needing a change, meds and a nebulizer treatment.

When I got the call that our nurse had called in sick for the night, I wanted to sit down and cry. It’s not that I’m an overly emotional person or unable to handle anything. It’s just that some days it seems too much and most days it seems like there always an event that almost pushes me over the edge.

As a mom to a child that has significant medical needs there are hundreds of tasks that need to be checked off at all hours of the day and night. And when they get checked off, I’m creating a mental list of the next tasks.

There is no check-out time and a portion of my thoughts is ALWAYS on what needs to be done now for him and what need to be done next.

All of this leads to me “living on the edge”. 

Last week here were some of the events: Calvin’s G-J tube came out (aaah!), a one hour appointment turned to four hours, the pharmacy only had outdated scripts for syringes and needles, and the wrong size of diapers arrived (four boxes worth, yikes!).

Here’s the truth: being a mom to a child with significant needs means we need to amp up our reserves. Having reserves in our lives is not an option if we want to be anything other than a stressed-out mess.

Reserves are the cushion that keep us from going over the edge. The demands in our life are not going away, but maybe it’s to for our overwhelm to take a break. How?

What if you could unlock the grip overwhelm has on your life?  Darryl and I have used four tools that have helped us get out of the vicious cycle of overwhelm and increase our reserves so we are not a stressed out mess 99% of the time. We’ve made a guide for parents who are in the same boat!

Many moms who’ve taken our course “Overwhelm” said this:

“It’s really helping me to stop and take the time to think through some things about how I want to move forward!”

“This is truly helping me to take a step back and start to evaluate life and how we are living it. It’s allowing all of us to become more intentional in our daily lives.”

“My daughter and her needs are so demanding, and exhausting that I find myself constantly tense, on edge, ready to jump at her needs and constantly anticipate before the next meltdown. Because of this, I don’t find that I am truly in any rhythm of rest. Even at night, there is the stress of waiting for her to scream out. I think sometimes I get so wrapped up in getting to bedtime that, I don’t make the time to act or think with intention. These are both areas that I truly want to build upon this year.”

Maybe you are feeling that way right now? Join me for a free webinar next week Tuesday (January 31) at 8 PM EST. You’ll hear story and strategy for dealing with overwhelm as a special needs mom.

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