It was second grade. I stared intently at the two purses: one rose and one mint green. A perfect little rose perched on the top of each; mom said I could keep one for myself and give the other to my friend for her birthday. Studying them hard, I tucked the mint green in my closet and wrapped up the rose purse for her: Allyson.

Some friendships fade while others keep burning after periods of drifting apart. Our has been the latter, even though she hated pink, still doesn’t like flowers and probably never used the purse.

Friendships are a gift from God and in many ways, vital to our survival. But many of us experience friendships dying, not able to withstand the pressures and different experiences in our lives as special needs moms. So we lose our “typical” or “old” friends.

Join Allyson and I as we share ways you can create strong friendships regardless of the differences in your lives.

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