Have you ever been on a walk, turned the corner and stumbled on something amazing?

Maybe a landmark, an amazing sunset or a funky eatery. Way back in my college globe-trotting days, I remember walking around Florence, Italy, rounding the corner and facing the most incredible structure ever. It was the Duomo. I quickly matched the memory from history class with the building and was completely thrilled to have discovered it…and a little appalled with my ignorance and that I had somehow missed this in the travel guide!

That’s a little bit of how I feel today. I’ve been a busy mom with five kids for over thirteen years and immersed in special needs parenting for nearly eight and this year I finally discovered something amazing that everybody else seems to have already known about! (Listen in here for that story) Essential Oils.

I just didn’t know they were so good. And the further I get into research reports over at PubMed and the more I incorporate them into our family’s lifestyle, the more thankful I am to have discovered them.

Especially Frankincense. Honestly, the only thing I knew about Frankincense was that it was a gift given to baby Jesus. The truth is, it was more valuable than gold and because it was so precious, only the top guys had it (think sultans, kings, etc.). It was already known that Frankincense was a healing oil (more from the History Channel here)

Today, we don’t just have legend but also scientific reports and the results are incredible. Studies have shown that it kills bladder cancer, works as an anti-inflammatory, suppressed growth of pancreatic tumors and more.

Every day I rub just one drop on my wrists, which is absorbed into the skin, then the bloodstream and delivered to my cells where it gets rid of damaged cells and restores on a cellular level. Convenient and effective is just what I need. I’m also rubbing it on Calvin every single day. Yup, he’s the sultan of the Dedert house. (And a cute one too in my opinion 🙂

If this at least makes you curious, good! Because that’s where all lifestyle changes start. Do some research or dig in a little bit more into the resources below.



MORE Resources:

Watch this video to get tips of how I oils for my own wellness and my family.

Want to get a bottle of Frankincense for yourself? It’s spendy, but when you order this kit it comes right with + a diffuser and loads of other oils to try. Best deal. (and yes, it gives me a referral bonus. Thank you!!)

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