You and I? We’re pioneers.

Never before have so many kids been able to live with complex chronic conditions. This population of special needs moms and moms of kids who are medically fragile? We’re a growing population, and growing fast. 

And our community (including the church) needs to be shown how to react, how to include, how to _____ (you fill in the blank).

This is your time.

Your time to pave the way for other families who will come after you.

Your time to pave a way for you child to grow up and thrive in a community.

One of the most valuable aspects of our community is church. I know that’s shocking in an age of secularism. But when life gets raw, real and difficult we need real answers, real hope and real truth. And often it’s special needs that awakens us to the need we’ve had all along, the need for a real relationship with Jesus Christ.


But many of us find out the hard way that church isn’t always an easy thing to navigate with a special needs child. 

This means we have to develop a tough skin. Yes, that includes not being offended by every comment or lack of understanding. But instead, choosing to SHOW THE WAY and INVITE people into your child’s life.

The real deal? It’s easier to complain. It’s easier to stay home, mad at the world. But it’s not right. It’s not going to get you anywhere. And it’s not good for your child.

I know you’re tired. So am I. But there’s good stuff to be won here, work that only you can pioneer. God’s placed you here, for a reason.

So let’s swallow our built-up resentment. Confess our bitterness and reach out to those who have said stupid insensitive things.

Be a community BUILDER because you and your child are needed. Not only for today, but for all the moms and kids that will follow.


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