As parents of kids with special needs, one of our defining traits is exhaustion.

And by the time Sunday morning comes, it might seem more logical to stay home where life is just easier. Not only is it easier to care for our child in the comfort of home, but it’s also easier to avoid uncomfortable situations, feeling like the odd one out or being the cause of disruption.

But easier doesn’t always mean better. In fact, we are missing out on one of the primary ways God blesses us and grows us when we neglect church. In addition, our child and family miss out to an entire host of opportunities to minister and to be ministered to within a place God has designed.

Whether you are in a church where your family is well adjusted or if you are a parent that has vowed to never go back to church because of a bad experience, I hope you’ll open up the door to some ideas and encouragement. Join us for a free webcast for parents where you’ll be challenged to grow well in your local church as a special needs family.

Dr. David Murray is a professor and pastor that has demonstrated a heart and desire for persons with disabilities to be valued and equipped in the context of the church. He’ll be speaking directly to us as parents of special needs kids next Monday, March 20 at 7 PM ET. You won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Simply register your name and email below so we can send you the details.

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